SMART-O Plugs are engine oil pan protection plugs featuring a high-performance sealing technology and a patented anti-leak and anti-vibration mechanism.

Each SMART-O Plug features: 

  • Anti-leak and Anti-vibration function: seals the oil pan from the inside and counteracts vibration. The high-tech O-ring material expands upon contact with engine oil.
  • Engine and Oil Pan Protection: the seal and anti-vibration mechanism reduce risk of engine damage due to catastrophic oil loss caused by loss of drain plug. The special alloy exerts less wear on threads.
  • Faster installation: the SmarTorqª simple and unified torque setting system and quick plug identification system allows a more effective working process.
  • Re-usable: the plug can be reused multiple times. The same goes for the robust O-ring which is a permanent seal saving cost for new gaskets replacement with every oil change.
  • Eco-friendly: reduces risk for oil leaks, less material waste due to re-usable seal, black coating is free of harmful Cr6, so parts can be easily recycled.

SMART-O Drain Plugs

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